Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Birthday Girl

What better way to start up this blog again by wishing my youngest daughter a very happy birthday! By the time I am done writing this Kenzie will be 6 yrs old- (Apr. 17th) I am so proud of her- I feel like she had to grow up a little faster than the rest of the girls had to. When Tyson was born she was only 17 months old. I remember her following me around with her bottle in one hand while trying to reach up to me to hold her as she was crying- Oh I was a wreck- There I was with four kids ages 6, 3, 17months and a newborn...and a husband who worked a lot...oh yeah and trying to keep it together in front of my kids as I was trying to process the fact that my son had down syndrome. She has had to come second a lot but you know what? She is so good with Tyson- she goes along to his music therapy classes to help him- she plays with him all the time and she teaches him good and bad! Even though it was very rough in the beginning their closeness in age is such a wonderful thing. I love the fact she still wants me to rock her- I love that she has a special blanket- she has the most beautiful eyes. I could go on and on...who wouldn't about their own child? Once again I am a little sad she is another year older but very proud of her.

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